HM Constructors LLC was founded to provide specialized concrete and civil construction services to the utility, industrial and infrastructure markets. HM Constructors has extensive industry knowledge and experience, allowing us to take on unique and challenging projects and to continuously provide “Concrete Results"



The markets served by HM Constructors frequently require concrete construction that is more complex than a traditional foundation. These projects require a high level of industry knowledge, specialized techniques and methods, as well as strict adherence to specifications. Most of these projects are performed in an environment requiring a high level of awareness of the impact on our customers and their facilities. Some of these projects include Equipment Foundations, Mass Concrete, Tanks, and Switchyard Foundations.


HM Constructors is a leader in the construction of building foundations and slabs. Our projects frequently include high walls, radius walls, structural slabs and buildings with complex bolt settings and embedment’s.


Close coordination between site, utility and concrete construction is imperative to a successful project. The use of multiple subcontractors can lead to overlapping of work, gaps in the work and project delays. For this reason, HM’s customers frequently rely on us to provide a sole source solution, from the first shovel in the ground to final completion and commissioning.


The HMC Team has extensive experience and skill at operating within industrial facilities. Understanding our customers requirements, preplanning, and a relentless focus on logistics allows us to minimize our impact on our customers operations. Our experience includes Equipment Foundations, Building Modifications, Truck and Loading Dock Facilities, as well as Under Slab Utilities. Industries we serve include Water Management, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Paper and Heavy Manufacturing.



HM Constructors is comprised of a team of seasoned industry professionals with years of industry know how. Our crews receive ongoing education and training and we are committed to continuous improvement. Our team understands the specific needs of our clients and the markets we serve. We are committed to providing innovative solutions and superior workmanship through all phases of a project.


At HM Constructors, working safely is our number one priority. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees. This includes preplanning safety into every activity, ongoing safety training, and daily crew meetings and risk analysis. HM Constructors is also an ISNetworld member with an A Rating.


At HM Constructors, one of our core values is quality. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with superior workmanship, innovative solutions and delivering a high-quality finished product. Through our in-house fabrication shop and commitment to pre-planning, we can prepare for each project in a controlled environment, allowing for quick turnaround and efficient execution of the work.